1. Mandulo

  2. Sibusiso Ntombela Aba Lozi (Dream Initiation)
    Sibusiso Ntombela

  3. Ngis's Kho'Kho
    Sibusiso Ntombela

  4. Yurugu Menticide Camps Vol.2

  5. Broken Beat Music
    Cool Affair

  6. Zephan! Feat. Cool Affair & Bae Flawless EP

  7. Groove Masters - Purple RHYTHM
    Groove Masters

  8. Scamto(Mzansi Argot)

  9. Detox G.T.E.B.H.B Vol.2
    Cool Affair

  10. Duality Vo1. (Reel To Reel EP & Alien Meetings EP)
    Cool Affair/Cool Affair Experience

  11. Groove Beam

  12. Unstoppable EP

  13. Stone Circles Album (Special Release)

  14. 1804
    Cool Affair

  15. MKHULU OMKHULU (I Am God )
    Cool Affair

  16. Cool Affair Records Presents Rhythm & Spirit EP
    Groove Masters

  17. Yurugu menticide Camps
    Cool Affair

  18. Nguni
    Cool Affair

  19. Afrikana Woman
    Cool Affair

  20. DOI
    Groove Masters

  21. D.E.T.O.X
    Cool Affair

  22. ABA ZU !
    Cool Affair

  23. Um'culo Wabantu

  24. African Pride
    Cool Affair

  25. Mind Control
    Cool Affair

  26. Divine Frequency
    Cool Affair

  27. Crimogenic Society
    Cool Affair & Sisonke Xonti

  28. Bottomless Power
    Groove Masters

  29. Genetic War Survival
    Cool Affair

  30. Oedipus Complex
    Groove Masters Cool Affair & Zepan!

  31. 10 Years Of Cool Affair Records
    Cool Affair & Zephan!

  32. Groove Masters - Black Power Blue Print EP
    Cool Affair & Zephan ! Present Groove Masters

  33. Nkabi EP
    Cool Affair

  34. Cool Affair Experience Feat Peter Trumpet - Mr Story Teller

  35. Ambient
    Cool Affair

  36. Autonomous Movements

  37. Afro Futuristic - A Conversation With The Black Future !

  38. Musical Trips

  39. Bayandilandela

  40. Limitless EP
    Cool Affair

  41. Groove Master

  42. Cool Affair - Limitless

  43. Cool Affair - 4min On The Dot.

  44. Cool Affair - Thank You

  45. Cool Affair feat Beastar - Glow

  46. Cool Affair Experience Ultra Instinct

  47. Cool Affair - Mood setter

  48. Cool Affair - Motif Sound

  49. Cool Affair - Foolish

  50. Super Natural

  51. Its Off Beat But Its Ok
    Zephan !

  52. Mr Garvey Double Disc.
    Cool Affair


coolaffair South Africa

The Prince of Broken Beats "Cool Affair' a man who comes from a jazz background and is a second generation Sound Engineer/ Producer/deejay from South Africa. he specializes on Electro Jazz/broken beat/Nu jazz He also produces House music,Afro Beat and Instrumental hip hop,he started his music production career in 2006 as a broken beat and deep house producer ... more

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