1. Groove Masters - Purple RHYTHM
    Groove Masters

  2. Scamto(Mzansi Argot)

  3. Detox G.T.E.B.H.B Vol.2
    Cool Affair

  4. Duality Vo1. (Reel To Reel EP & Alien Meetings EP)
    Cool Affair/Cool Affair Experience

  5. Groove Beam

  6. Unstoppable EP

  7. Stone Circles Album (Special Release)

  8. 1804
    Cool Affair

    Cool Affair

  10. Cool Affair Records Presents Rhythm & Spirit EP
    Groove Masters

  11. Yurugu menticide Camps
    Cool Affair

  12. Nguni
    Cool Affair

  13. Afrikana Woman
    Cool Affair

  14. DOI
    Groove Masters

  15. D.E.T.O.X
    Cool Affair

  16. ABA ZU !
    Cool Affair

  17. Um'culo Wabantu

  18. African Pride
    Cool Affair

  19. Mind Control
    Cool Affair

  20. Divine Frequency
    Cool Affair

  21. Crimogenic Society
    Cool Affair & Sisonke Xonti

  22. Bottomless Power
    Groove Masters

  23. Genetic War Survival
    Cool Affair

  24. Oedipus Complex
    Groove Masters Cool Affair & Zepan!

  25. 10 Years Of Cool Affair Records
    Cool Affair & Zephan!

  26. Groove Masters - Black Power Blue Print EP
    Cool Affair & Zephan ! Present Groove Masters

  27. Nkabi EP
    Cool Affair

  28. Cool Affair Experience Feat Peter Trumpet - Mr Story Teller

  29. Ambient
    Cool Affair

  30. Autonomous Movements

  31. Afro Futuristic - A Conversation With The Black Future !

  32. Musical Trips

  33. Bayandilandela

  34. Limitless EP
    Cool Affair

  35. Groove Master

  36. Cool Affair - Limitless

  37. Cool Affair - 4min On The Dot.

  38. Cool Affair - Thank You

  39. Cool Affair feat Beastar - Glow

  40. Cool Affair Experience Ultra Instinct

  41. Cool Affair - Mood setter

  42. Cool Affair - Motif Sound

  43. Cool Affair - Foolish

  44. Super Natural

  45. Its Off Beat But Its Ok
    Zephan !

  46. Mr Garvey Double Disc.
    Cool Affair


coolaffair South Africa

The Prince of Broken Beats "Cool Affair' a man who comes from a jazz background and is a second generation Sound Engineer/ Producer/deejay from South Africa. he specializes on Electro Jazz/broken beat/Nu jazz He also produces House music,Afro Beat and Instrumental hip hop,he started his music production career in 2006 as a broken beat and deep house producer ... more

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