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For as long as we (Black people) continue to seek to appeal to the moral conscience of beings with no conscience at all, and in our naivity and stupidity demand that certain people must apologize to us for being powerful and expect them to pay reparations to heal our wounds that exist to give them a lease of life, we don't see the war we've been in and have no knowledge and understanding of its dynamics. White-Black dynamic is of antagonism. "Reconciliation", "Abstract race-neutralist humanism", "Politics of Reformism, and nothing revolutionary" (All political parties are role players here), "Mouse-seeking-cat justice Afrikans expect from modern lynching halls called courts of law" are all illusions of inclusion by Black People!


The menticidal cycle of political deception continues. Our people remain in different pockets of puppeteered colonial agenda-upholding and legitimizing political parties using them as voting cows to manage and administer the neo-colonial polities they have duped our people into thinking they are their governments.

'On the 5 yearly ill-actions (I mean "elections")'

Some of us are not naive to see through the veil of politics of reformism within whose framework Neo-White Terror Domination (aka Neo-colonialism) on an Afrikan Soil is guaranteed to flourish unabated. We know that participation in so-called democratic processes within this reformist political framework has always been to legitimize the existence of the criminal settler colony called RSA on our native land. Legitimizing processes naturalizing our land's invaders, robbers, thieves & the terrorizers of our bodies, and destroyers of our minds and souls. So-called democratic processes wherein our real political status of indigenous people of the land is never invoked have induced amnesia and falsification of the original liberation struggle narrative of fight for the reconquest of our land, self-determination and sovereignty as the indigenous people of the land. Since your race-enemies said "you can now vote with us" you got duped into forgetting your original Black Agenda!!!

Nana Amos Wilson never disappoints, eternally! What an epic legacy of Afrikan-Centred Revolutionary Consciousness he bequethed to us! Another musicational reincarnation of him by Cool Affair as part of the Musicator series✊🏿🔥

- ThT. (Tehuti) Itumeleng Makale (Independent Afrikan Sovereignist-Race Vindicationist Scholar)


Dr Amos N Wilson Seminar
Itu Neter - Message to Afrikans


released November 25, 2022
Coolaffair - The Musicator


all rights reserved



Cool Affair Records South Africa

The Prince of Broken Beats "Cool Affair' a man who comes from a jazz background and is a second generation Sound Engineer/ Producer/deejay from South Africa. he specializes in Electro Jazz/broken beat/Nu jazz He also produces House music,Afro Beat and Instrumental hip hop,he started his music production career in 2006 as a broken beat and deep house producer ... more

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